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With in-person college tours suspended, colleges have had to adapt by creating virtual tours for students so they can get a feel for the campus. UNC Charlotte has created an amazing virtual tour that is very interactive and informative for the students to learn about UNCC. (Photo courtesy of Trevor Darnell)

With COVID-19, in person tours at colleges are not able to happen and colleges have added virtual tours on their websites to still be able to get students to attend their college. UNC Charlotte has done a great job at the virtual tours with their interactive tour of the campus online

The tour starts off by telling you about UNCC and what it has to offer and telling you how to go about doing the tour. Some of the cool aspects of the tour is that at each building they talk about has pictures from inside it and sometimes even 360 pictures that let you look all around that area and make you really feel like you are in that building. They also have some videos recorded that have interviews with students and professors about either the college they are a part of or some of the other experiences that UNCC has to offer.

It also tells you an overview of the academics that are offered at UNCC. After that it goes into specifics about the seven colleges at UNCC. Those seven colleges are the College of Arts and Architecture, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the Belk College of Business, the College of Health and Human Services, the Cato College of Education, the College of Computing and Informatics, and the Lee College of Engineering. 

The tour also talks about student life and resources offered at UNCC like some of the clubs and societies that are at UNCC.

It shows off some of the other buildings and things offered to students at UNCC. It takes you through Atkins Library, Belk Gym (student rec center), the student union and the dining halls and the food options offered there. The tour also shows you some of the greenway that is located around the campus. Housing is also covered in the tour with talking about each hall and what type of rooms are located in that hall. There are also 360 pictures of the different types of rooms including suite style, traditional style, and apartment style. 

It isn’t limited to the UNCC main campus. The tour talks about transportation around campus and also to uptown Charlotte where UNCC has a City Center Campus. 

Overall this is an incredible virtual tour, covering a ton of topics about the campus and programs offered at UNCC.


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