The Value of Real Reading

Being able to hold and turn the pages of a paper book is an aspect of reading people may miss with reading sources online. They can bring people joy that e-books or audiobooks cannot. (Photo Courtesy of Gretchen Stern)

During this technological age there are many kids, youth, and adults that are forgetting the importance of reading tangible books. 

People can read everything on their electronic devices. From short news articles to whole books, things are more easily accessible. Then there are audiobooks and podcasts which allow efficiency but take away the whole aspect of actually reading. 

While this is not a tragic problem by any means — using these online sources can be useful and easy — there are a number of benefits to paper reading. According to a 2017 study, when people read print books they remembered and understood the story better than people who read e-books. 

Since quarantine and online school began, now more than ever people are spending large majorities of their day focused on a screen. Real books have proven to be easier for people’s eyes and can provide a break from the strain of a computer or phone. Another benefit, if you settle down with a book right before bed it will help you sleep better.

Reading on a screen can definitely be distracting. With so many other things so easily available a short social media break can turn into an hour before you know it. However if you can put the electronics away and focus on a book it is easier to focus and pay attention. Especially for students who need to read different books for class, this could be useful to keep in mind. 

Books are not for some people, but for those with any interest, it can be a good stress reliever. You find a good book and can escape to a different life and story other than your own.


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