The Ins and Outs of Motivation

Staying motivated is an important part of reaching our goals. Read along to gather some simple ways to stay inspired. Photo in Public Domain.

As a teenager in virtual learning, or as an adult in any setting; it can be difficult to keep yourself motivated. Many know what they need to be doing, and why they need to get it done; however, finding the motivation to put all your best plans into action can be troubling. Proper motivation can be the separation between your success and failure.

So how can one keep themselves motivated?

Listen to motivational speakers: 

Motivational speakers offer new approaches and an additional voice to certain situations. A majority of motivational speakers have unique backstories that in turn, inspire others. Some may have overcome life-threatening situations; perhaps an illness, or dangers of the battlefield. Some overcome intense obstacles. Others could have ventured through the journey of poverty to wealth. Whatever the case may be; when audiences hear accounts of overcoming adversity, they can be inspired to overcome the obstacles in their own life. You can throw on a video to listen to in the car, or have that be the first thing you do when you wake up. The “If They Can Do It, So Can I” tactic. 


TED Talks: 



  1. TED Radio Hour
  2. Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

Place Post-It notes on your mirror:

It can be quite simple to encounter inspiration throughout the day. Early in the morning when you wake up, and late at night before you go to sleep, you probably encounter a mirror. To lift yourself up in the view of your mirror; you can pick out a couple of quotes that speak to you, and write them down on sticky notes to put on your mirror. Now, everytime you look in the mirror you can’t help but read the motivation you have set up for yourself. This tactic is a simple, and timeless tactic that can be used to keep inspiration running through your spirits. The “Reflection” tactic.

Write down your goals:

Has anyone heard of vision boards? A vision board is a collage of images, pictures, and affirmations of someone’s desires and goals. They are a simple and creative way to set up motivation for yourself. Find some quotes, look through magazines, and find some inspiration you can put together to unify into a vision board. This is a great tactic for all the artsy people art there. Set out some time to create your board, and then put it somewhere it can easily be viewed–perhaps your bedroom wall. The “Snip and Paste” tactic.


Who doesn’t love a catchy motivational song? “Lose Yourself” by Eminem, “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson, or “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child, “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus: are all examples of popular songs to keep you going. You can throw on your favorite motivational song while you’re in the shower, or the car, or even while you’re finishing your homework. Popular music streamers–Apple, Spotify, etc.–have done all the work for you; they have created a variety of motivational playlists you can play on shuffle. The “Shower Jammin’” tactic.

Music Videos:




Motivational Playlists:

  1. Apple Music: Pure Motivation
  2. Spotify: Get Motivated

Motivational Monday:

Motivational Monday is a slogan widely distributed on social media platforms. Search up “#MotivationalMonday” on sites like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, and you will encounter a number of inspirational quotes people have shared for the day. You can participate in the trend, or engage in it; either way, you are largely exposed to some great motivational reminders with a few clicks. The “Two-Step” tactic. 

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