Fall Feels in Music


The feeling of fall is specific to individuals, so other people may have a completely different opinion on these songs. This is my interpretation of autumn in music. 


Picture this- you’re driving to the mountains with your windows down, the chill breeze in your face, you can see the red and orange leaves falling from the trees on the side of the road, and you have your music up.  The song you’re listening to is called “Helplessness Blues,” by the Fleet Foxes


The Fleet Foxes is an alternative band that incorporates folk and lush pop to their music. Their music sounds earthy which fits the fall feel.


You’re sitting in your trunk with the door open. You and your best friends are wearing pjs, sitting under a cozy blanket, with apple ciders in hand, and you’re facing a little road with autumn leaves all over it.The song playing is called “My Cell,” by The Lumineers


The Lumineers is a band that mixes American folk music with rock and alternative. Their music is artsy- you can clearly hear their instruments playing in the background, producing euphonious melodies. The lead singer, Jeremiah Fraites, has a semi-raspy voice that is unique. Hearing the instruments and unique voice makes me feel the fall vibes.


You and your friends are laying down on a picnic blanket in the middle of a field, the chilly breeze in your faces, and thinking about life as you listen to the song “Rosyln” (by Bon Iver and St. Vincent)


Bon Iver is a singer/songwriter who usually creates indie folk music. St. Vincent is a singer/songwriter who tends to specialize in rock and pop. Their song, “Rosyln”, is played in the Twilight series. 


It’s the evening of Halloween and you’re putting on your costume, excited for a spooky night. The song that never fits to get you in the Halloween mood is “Ghostbusters,” by Ray Parker Jr. 


Parker Jr. is a guitarist, songwriter, and producer whose most popular song is “Ghostbusters”, which was played in the original 1984 Ghostbusters film.


“Cherry Wine,” by Hozier, captures the calm feeling of autumn: the acoustic guitar and his voice carry a noise that is smooth to the ears — like how the fall breeze is to the face. 


Hozier is an alternative singer/songwriter, specializing in folksy-toned music. He debuted with hsi single “Take Me to Church” in 2014, and continues to rise in popularity. 


The feeling of fall is hard to word, but naming songs that give you those feelings is a good way to describe it. 


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