Life On NC State’s Campus During Corona


Caption: The outside of Daniel Harvey (D.H.) Hill Library, a place often used to study by NC State’s students and faculty. (use by permission of Daryn Wilkerson)

As of August 26, 2020, North Carolina State University is the second UNC system and second major university in the state to cancel in-person classes and send people in their dorms home. Many other colleges and universities have followed suit.

Before that on  August 20, 2020, after NC State announced multiple clusters of COVID-19 cases on their campus, Chancellor Randy Woodson moved the few remaining classes that were in-person online.

According to NC State freshman and Leesville alum, Chelsea Dinkenor, most students were following guidelines while they were on campus.

“Most students do a really, really good job of adhering to wearing masks and those guidelines and stuff,” Dinkenor said over text. “And I think it’s literally because NC State, everyone wants to be here, you know? And if you aren’t wearing your mask that is communicating not necessarily verbally, but that is communicating that you do not want to be here.”

In hindsight, Dinkenor would have changed one thing to avoid getting here. “Something I would’ve done differently from the get-go is putting more seating outside,” Dinkenor said. “I wish that more seating that is inside was going outside because I feel like more people would take advantage of outside seating.”

On August 26, Chancellor Randy Woodson officially announced the decision of moving all students out of the dorms. 

“I just don’t think the university can afford to shut down because they lost so much revenue moving in. So, I’m honestly really intrigued to see how they handle the upcoming situation of closing their doors for good,” Dinkenor said.

As the campus sends their dorm students home, NC State officials will avoid one problem off theirs and other universities ever growing list.


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