How Students are Currently Dealing with Stress

Due to Covid-19, Leesville Road High School is starting it’s 2020/2021 school year online. This transition can be hard on mental health. (Photo courtesy of Ashlyn Watkins)

Students are experiencing stress because of current times; Leesville Road High School, along with other Wake County schools, has started their school year virtually. This change will bring on new challenges for students- but they’ve come up with different ways to deal with it.

Now students are having to look at a screen longer than they are used to: All of the screen time “definitely hurts my head,” said Morgan Spragins, junior, by text. Online school is already stressful because it’s something a lot of students aren’t familiar with, so adding a headache to the mix is too much. 

Amaya Montague, junior, explained in text that she plans on lowering her stress levels that are associated with headaches by buying “glasses that block blue light.” 

Students can’t be around their friends in school anymore: Gretchen Stern, junior, said in a text that she knows that not being able to see her friends everyday “will be difficult.” Thankfully students can still find ways to interact with people — like “meeting up at coffee shops,” said Spragins. To create a healthier well-being, students will have to be experimental with new ways to see their friends. 

Homework can be hard and make students really anxious, but there are ways to take care of mental health and lower their anxiety: With Leesville changing their schedule to have two hours designated to lunch, students have time to both take a break to eat and can “utilize it as time for homework,” said Spragins. Going outside during break is also really refreshing and “helps me clear my head after working,” said Stern. 

This school year students will have to be intentional about taking care of their mental health: Going on walks, finding ways to see people safely, and taking breaks are all important to having a healthy mindset.


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