What student athletes are doing during the quarantine


Student athletes are very frustrated with the cancelation of sports due to the coronavirus. Some students have taken this opportunity to train and get better, while others have been unmotivated and slacked off. (photo used by permission of Bo Groff)

With the coronavirus running rampant across the world, schools canceled most opportunities for students to participate in sports. This includes sports such as track and field, lacrosse, baseball, and many others. 

However, even with these cancelations, student athletes across all fields are trying their best to stay fit and active.

One such student is Taylor Potts. Potts is a sophomore at Leesville who plays lacrosse for the varsity team. After school canceled, Potts took it upon himself to start running daily. This has helped his endurance tremendously and will allow him to keep up with the sophomores and juniors if the season starts back up again. Pott’s main motivation for doing all of this is to stay fit and able to keep up with all the older guys on the team.

Another student athlete is Emma Polansky. As a sophomore on the track and field team, Polansky is vigorously working to prepare herself for the next season. Polansky is running six days a week and is lifting five days a week in an attempt to be the best. She is heavily motivated by the idea of being a junior next year and college recruitments. 

“I am actually training harder than I would during a regular season because I want to pick up any slack,” said Polansky.

However, with all of these hard working athletes, some do not work as hard. Emma Nani, a sophomore on the Leesville track and field team, is an example. Every week, coach Whitten sends out workouts for the track team, but Nani is not as motivated to do this. She prefers to do short bike rides and occasional cardio to stay relatively fit. “My real motivation is summer honestly,” said Nani. Nani does not believe that she will go back to school or to track practice, so she is more motivated to look good for her summer beach pictures.

The sports cancellations have upset a lot of student athletes. Some students have given up hope and lost motivation to be active, while some are working hard every day to try to prepare for next season. The coronavirus has placed a huge roadblock in a lot of these young athletes’ paths to success and caused some athletes to halt their training completely, while others are trying to work around this disease and try to be the best athlete they can be.


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