Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

Mrs. Tibbets is an AP Statistics teacher at Leesville Road High School. Her classroom is located in the Murphy building and is always open to help students who are struggling. (Photo Courtesy of Sarah Jumma)

In a few days, I will be ‘graduating’ from my last math class at Leesville Road High School. Through the last few years, I have struggled with my math classes but was told that AP Statistics is one of the easiest classes out there, but is it really?

Content-wise, AP Statistics is an easy class, but the difficulty comes in the details. The units start off with few details that students are expected to memorize, but it turns into memorizing multiple paragraphs detailing the steps by the end of the semester. Teachers are also less lenient with points and will take more points for the same mistakes. 

The teachers for AP Statistics are qualified and quality teachers who are willing to help you with any questions you have. If you do plan to take AP Statistics, do not be afraid to ask for help because it helps a lot of students.

I would also recommend taking AP Statistics your senior year in high school. Most of the class is on the edge of a letter grade and the final project brings them over. The final can decrease your grade, but seniors can avoid taking the exam if they meet their exemptions.  

But what does the class allow you to learn? Obviously, AP Statistics allows students to delve into the world of statistics but it also expands your knowledge of data and data presentation. AP Statistics allows students to familiarize themselves with the countless graphs and charts that are out there.These skills are vital for college courses and most fields require a sufficient understanding of data presentation. 

Overall, Advanced Placement Statistics is a quality class that can help students earn a math credit for high school and college credit for college.

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