A WWlll Scare

Iran and the U.S. has been fighting each other with violence and threats for a long time. Iran has publicly stated their anger towards America, and protesters will sometimes burn American flags. (Public Domain of Wikimedia Commons)

When a new year starts, most like to be upbeat and positive about the future. 2020 has just started and many are looking forward to a good year of success and improvement. However only 3 days in and a U.S airstrike hit a convoy of important military vehicles in Iran, consequently killing at least 5 people — including influential military general Qasem Soleimani. The airstrike has caused a massive controversial issue involving politics and potentially average American citizens. It has led to a spiral of threats from Iran against both President Trump and the U.S, and many now fear that we could be heading to another World War. 

Iraq, part of Iran’s western border has been where much of the fight has taken place. When groups supported by Iran attacked an Iraqi military base on December 27, it killed an American civilian contractor and wounded several others in the U.S. and Iraqi militaries. In response the U.S launched multiple airstrikes against those militias supported by Iran, which in turn led to hundreds of protesters attempting to storm the U.S Embassy Compound in Iraq. This leads us to the airstrike that killed the aforementioned general. The U.S has put the blame on him for hundreds of American lives, and Trump stated on Twitter that the leader was planning horrible attacks on America, and someone needed to stop him. 

Some in the U.S. think this action could have made things so much worse for all involved, while others say it was a necessary step to protect the country. However Iran has called in an act of terrorism and has promised to get revenge on America’s military. While these threats have been bouncing back and forth between the countries it leaves most waiting to see what happens.

Being one of the biggest news events so far it is trending on the internet with many memes, twitter posts, and even tik toks making fun of or voicing concerns about a potential war. From telling Iran to spare them from harm for various reasons such as being “practically in Mexico” to jokes about refusing to join the draft there is plenty to look at when it comes to people’s reactions to the conflict. However, while some people find this humor funny there are also those who find the comments annoying and offensive. Those people point out that getting drafted for war is not a joke, and others speak up supporting the president and his decision.

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To be a world war a conflict must involve many major nations like China and Russia, and since there aren’t many countries a part of the issue right now it is not likely there will be a world war. On January 8 Iran attacked U.S. military bases in Iraq in retaliation, but no soldiers were killed. In a public address Trump stated that Iran would never get close to hurting the American people, and he wants to start renegotiating Iran’s nuclear deal.  

While any upcoming fighting might not be big enough to give it the World War lll title, there is a possibility of some sort of declared war if the situation escalates again. For now there is no telling what exactly will come to pass but there should be hope for a peaceful future.


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