Holiday Favorites

Christmas trees, gingerbread house competitions, garland, hot chocolate, and community service are all fun ways to spend the lengthy Christmas break! (photo courtesy of Chelsea Dinkenor)
  • Christmas Tree Decorating

There is no better tradition than gathering with friends and family to hang ornaments on a brightly lit tree with hot chocolate and marshmallows. Blast your favorite Christmas jams and make that tree beautiful!

  • Cookie Baking/Decorating

Setting out different colored icing and sprinkles with previously made sugar cookies can lead to some healthy competition during a family bake-off. Set a timer and have a neighbor come judge everyone’s designs!

  • Family Time

Spending time with family in town can be stressful, overwhelming, and evoke anger from one another. In order to alleviate some of that tension built up as a result of your uncle drinking too much egg-nog or your grandfather bringing up politics, a movie night or game night could do the trick!

  • Gift Wrapping

Although it takes skill, learning to wrap a present is essential in life because who wants to unwrap an ugly present? Not me. Take some time to wrap presents in as much wrapping paper, bows, and decorations as possible. 

  • Dinner Prepping

When family comes in for the holidays, there are dozens more mouths to feed. This results in the head cook of the house losing their mind with stress and anxiety that accompanies cooking. Help the chef out this year and jump in the kitchen, offer a helping hand, and learn a thing or two about what it takes to impress grandma with your Christmas dinner! 

  • Travelling

Travelling can mean a getaway to the Bahamas over break to escape the frigid temperatures and rainy days, or it can mean a 2 hour trip to Boone to go hike the beautiful Appalachian Mountains! No matter how near, or how far one chooses to go, an adventure is always waiting for you!

  • Secret Santa/White Elephant

If you need a creative, holiday-themed way to get friends to gather over the holidays, either of these fun, easy gift-giver games works. Gifts can either be nice and thoughtful, or a funny and inexpensive item that is laughable. 

  • Volunteering

Although family time, gifts, and activities are a quintessential part of Christmas time, giving back is emblematic as well. Volunteering at a church, local shelters, soup kitchens, or animal shelters is a rewarding way to support the community in which you live.

  • Shopping

Whether it’s shopping, window shopping, or online-shopping, looking for things on your wishlist is always a good time-consuming activity that can be done independently or with a group! South Point and North Hills are the places to be right before the holidays to catch amazing last minute deals. 

  • Looking at Christmas Lights

Anywhere that is filled with houses is typically filled with spirit, cheer, and lights around this time of the year. Pack a car full and drive around to find what neighborhood is the hotspot for lights!


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