The Black Keys: Let’s Rock Tour- Raleigh

On November 8, The Black Keys came to PNC Arena on their Let’s Rock tour. The alternative rock band’s new album came out on June 28. (All Photos Courtesy of Lyric Chassin)

The Black Keys–an alternative rock band that has been popular throughout the 2000’s–released their latest studio album this past summer. The album titled Let’s Rock, features 12 new songs with a total listening time of around 39 minutes.

Named alongside the album, the Let’s Rock tour has gone through most of North America in the past several months. With opening acts Shannon & The Clams and Modest Mouse, the tour appeals to all rock fans.

On November 8, the Let’s Rock tour made their stop in Raleigh at PNC Arena. Shannon & The Clams started the performance at 7:00 pm, with a 30 minute set. At 8:00 pm, Modest Mouse came on and continued to perform until 9:00 pm. There was then a 30 minute stage design shift period to place the main act–The Black Keys’–backdrops and light setups.

People of all ages packed into PNC Arena. Food vendors and bars covered every wall, along with the extremely long merch table lines for the three bands.

The arena was practically full at the time Modest Mouse’s set began. Staying on for an hour, their frontman–Isaac Brock–raised the energy in the room and prepared everyone for the next 3 hours of music.

When The Black Keys started their set, the crowd was ecstatic. Dan Auerbach–The Black Keys frontman–ran out on stage with his electric guitar and everyone stood up in applause. Accompanied by a white sheet backdrop and a marquee light spelling out ‘The Black Keys’, they played the first two songs. In the transition from the second song to the third, the curtains flung back to reveal a circular screen and two large lightning bolts–symbolizing the electric chair on the cover of their latest album. A projector turned on and displayed live footage of the band or other aesthetic images throughout the rest of the show.

They performed 18 songs, ending with their top hit– “Lonely Boy.” Auerbach said the bands goodbyes and they all walked off the stage. After an eruption of cheers, people began to file out of the arena. Many stayed behind, knowingly that the band would return for another performance.

A massive electric chair was set up in the 15 minute transition period. The band stormed back of the stage for their encore and performed their last three songs of their Raleigh show. They played their two hit singles from their latest album–Lo-Hi and Go. They finished with another one of their previous hits, similarly to the first section, “She’s Long Gone.”

Auerbach said their goodbyes once more and for the final time. The fans filed out of the arena and night of rock and roll performances was over. 

For a breakdown of The Black Keys setlist, click here. The Black Keys have seven stops left on their North American tour. For more information on tour tickets and other band information, go to


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