Introducing Disney Plus

Yet another streaming service is now available for people to enjoy. Many are excited about all the movies and shows now easily available. (Public Domain of Wikimedia Commons)

Released November 12, Disney Plus is already causing a lot of controversy. On the one hand, people are excited to re-watch some classic disney shows and movies, and love the fact it is only 7 dollars per month — or 13 dollars for the bundle containing Hulu and ESPN+ as well. 

Then there are some others who feel the new streaming service is not all that great. It reportedly has less than one-fifth the number of TV’s shows than Netflix, which also definitely has something for anyone. 

While Disney+ may not have everything, it definitely has some of people’s favorites. Personally, I have always been a big fan of the Star Wars and Marvel franchises, so it is exciting to have them so easily accessible. 

Old Disney Pixar movies — such as Toy Story and Monsters Inc. — as well as those nostalgic TV shows like Good Luck Charlie and Jessie are brought back by the creation of Disney Plus. “I love watching the original versions of movies I watched when I was younger,” said Abi Taylor, a student at LRHS. However there are some classics such as the Indiana Jones series and The Last Jedi that may have a page, but lack the actual film

In an ideal world people could just subscribe to all or any services they wanted. But most do not have that kind of money, so depending on your priorities you might need to pick one. When asked how it compares to Netflix, Grace Mitchell, also a student at LRHS said,”It is pretty much the same as Netflix just a Disney version. I just wish it would have the continue watching section like Netflix does.” 

Having to continuously look up and find whatever you had been watching is definitely a downside, but maybe something that could be fixed in the future. 

In the first week of streaming 10 million have already signed up, and the service has spread to places like Canada, the Netherlands, and Australia. Faced with complaints about the login issues on day one, Disney made sure to let people know they were working to resolve the issues. Then there has also been an issue with the aspect ratio — on The Simpsons it was reported that things were being cut out of view because of it not fitting onto the screen. While not everything has come out perfect, Disney is definitely listening to people’s feedback to try to improve. 

Most platforms have now launched Disney + : Apple TV, iOS, Android, and Xbox One being just a few. Although there were rumors for an app for the Nintendo Switch no evidence has been found yet. Even so, there are numerous possibilities to sign up and get the app. There is even a 7-day free trial to get you started. If you end up signing up, you can stream different shows on up to four different devices, and download anything to watch offline. Four different people can watch whatever they want for the price of 7 dollars a month — which honestly sounds like a good deal to me.

So is Disney Plus worth it? Yes — it is definitely cheaper than other services and has something for everyone. So far I have enjoyed watching the old TV shows I loved as a kid, and I’m sure others would feel the same. For families it provides hours of entertainment, and even adults are sure to enjoy something from the variety. There are still many questions remaining. Will Disney Plus be a long term success? How will Netflix handle this new competitor? How will this affect the future of all streaming services? Everyone will just have to wait and see how this works out, and in the meantime take advantage of what Disney Plus has to offer. 


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