John MacArthur tells Beth Moore to “Go Home”

Beth Moore is an evangelist who teaches about the Chrisitan faith. However some question her teachings, and do not think she, as a woman, should be telling men about faith. (Photo Courtesy of Gretchen Stern)

At the recent “Truth Matters Conference”, controversy struck when guest of honor John MacArthur was playing a word association game with some other men, and the moderator asked what two words he would use to describe Beth Moore. Beth Moore is a popular evangelist, writer, and teacher. She speaks on how women should lead a model Christian life and many find her work inspiring. 

However, John MacArthur, as well as pastor Phil Johnson, had something different to say. “Go Home,” said McArthur, “there is no case that can be made biblically for a woman preacher – period, paragraph, end of discussion.” Johnson added to this calling her narcissistic, explaining that seeing her talk made him think she was preaching herself rather than God. 

These comments led to many other preachers and teachers speaking out against McArthur on Twitter, defending Moore. “When I hear the words Beth Moore, I think good and faithful servant,” tweeted Lauren Chandler a christian singer and author. 

JD Greear, pastor of Summit Church, reached out saying you’re welcome in our home any time.” Whether they agree with McArthur and Johnson’s viewpoint on Moore, or women’s role in the Christian faith, all seem appalled by the incivility of the conversation demonstrated by the tone as well as the audience’s reaction. “A man who is supposed to be a model of biblical manhood and spiritual leadership responds, “Go home!” And a room full of men laugh,” said preacher Brandon Cox. “This is sad. It’s unbiblical.” 

Beth Moore herself did not respond directly to McArthur or anyone else about the matter, but tweeted “I did not surrender to a calling of man when I was 18 years old. I surrendered to a calling of God. It never occurs to me for a second to not fulfill it.” 

She does not believe she is doing a man’s job, but that she is doing the job of someone called by God to do it. Moore is indirectly telling people that she will not stop doing something that God wants her to do because of what others say.

The comments made at the conference not only offended Beth Moore supporters but me personally. I am the daughter of a woman pastor

It is sad that we are still living in a world where the matter of what women should or should not do is still an issue. The reason people are criticizing her is not on account of what she teaches, but because they think she is serving in a role reserved just for men.  It is fine not to like her for what she says, but there is no justification for degrading and insulting someone because of their gender — especially in a very public setting.

People who have the opinion that women and men should have different roles in the church get some of their ideas straight from the Bible, verses like 1 Corinthians 14: 34-35 state that women should remain silent in church. 

Times have changed since those words became part of the Bible.  For example, it was socially acceptable to do things like stone people to death. Interpreting the Bible is about where you draw the line — figuring out which laws and teachings should be upheld and which do not fit with the larger Biblical message.

It is 2019, and women should not have to be dealing with men ridiculing them. The behavior of those participating in the conference was what was truly unchristian. John MacArthur is the one that should go home. 


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