The Band Wins After Tons of Obstacles

On Saturday, September 28 the Leesville Road Highschool attended their first competition of the year at Pinecrest Highschool. The rehearsal prior to them competing were quite hectic. (Photo used by permission of Denicia Williams)

The Leesville Road High School Band always dominates their competition–their preparation for the season is intense to insure their wins. This year, however, the band has encountered some unexpected obstacles.

During band camp in Boone, NC, it rained quite a lot, and the band was unable to run their show. The band had a two week break, and then returned back to Leesville for summer rehearsals, that were only for perfecting music which is priority over marching. Almost twice each week since school has started the band has had to end outdoor rehearsals due to code black- -which indicates that the weather is too hot for students to be outside.

Unfortunately, judges at competitions do not know what the band has gone through. With the recent code greens indicating safety for students, the band has been working hard to try to catch up and perfect their show. The band has been moved down a class — they were once a 3A class, but this year will be a 2A class. The band is a 2A class because of the size of the wind players drastically dropping. The class the band is in does not count the drum line , pit or colorguard.

Another setback the band has faced is the color guard coach resigning due to work complications. Not having a guard coach is very difficult because the guard has no one to critique them or change unfitting choreography. “I feel like we may not win, but we did get moved down to a lower class…so I think guard might win,” said Lizzie Carson, a colorguard returner.

Despite all these obstacles the band came out on top winning first place drum major, first place percussion, first place visual ensemble, first place general effect, first place marching, first place music and first place in their class. The band was named Grandchampion of the day for having the highest score.

The band also received a superior, the highest rank received.The percussion winning first place was a first for the marching band in a very long time. The bands next competition will be October 12 at Clayton High School.


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