Morning Routines

Aronson (top), comes to school each day in a more comfortable outfit after a full, lengthy night’s sleep. Dinges (bottom), on the other hand, chooses to perfect her look each morning instead of sleeping longer. (Photo courtesy of Chelsea Dinkenor)

For a long time there has been a saying: “two types of girls.” At Leesville there is clearly a divide between those who value sleep and those who value waking up early to look their best. Kathryn Dinges, a senior, commits herself to a long morning routine. Malaina Aronson, senior, chooses to soak up every second of sleep and ditch the hours of getting ready. 

Because the school day begins at 7:25, most students wake up around 6:00 and leave their house around 6:45 to account for the traffic outside the student parking lot. Aronson, on the other hand, wakes up at 6:55 after snoozing her alarm clock so many times. Aronson’s morning typically consists of “putting on deodorant, brushing [her] teeth, and at times wearing what [she] wore to bed the previous night.” After grabbing her iced coffee to-go, Aronson says she brushes her hair, “a little bit in the car.” “I 100% choose sleep over beauty every single day, and even sometimes fall asleep in some of my classes if I can,” said Aronson, for she believes that she doesn’t need to present herself eloquently to anyone and is just here to learn. 

Dinges wakes up at 5:35 a.m. and “get[s] up right when the alarm goes off,” she said. Instead of hitting snooze and catching a few more minutes of shut eye, Dinges “gets right out of bed, and heads to the bathroom to do [my] morning skincare routine,” she said. After putting moisturizer and primer on her face, “[I] put[s] on a whole face of makeup like [I am] headed to prom,” said Dinges. 

After a lengthy process of styling her hair in curls or blown-out, Dinges heads downstairs to eat a healthy, filling breakfast before her day begins. “I typically make avocado toast to go with my iced coffee, coupled with some fruit and bacon on the side,” said Dinges when describing the meal that gets her through the day. 

Although both routines differ to such a great extent, both students are still extremely successful in all of their endeavors and make it to school every day on time. 


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