Leesville gymnastics wins Cap-7

From left to right, Katie Yu, Maggie Holman, Brooke Dunkley, and Lauren Wiener after awards ceremony. All girls received their individual medals, along with team medals (Photo used by permission of Cindy Wiener).

This past weekend, the Leesville gymnastics team won the Cap-7 conference — with only four competitors on its team. The team consists of Lauren Wiener and Brooke Dunkley, juniors, and Katie Yu and Maggie Holman, sophomores. Wiener and Dunkley are both captains of the team, and Yu believes were key to the team’s win. 

“Our team captains are juniors who have been on the team for three years, so they have a lot experience with [meets] and they were like motivating and helping us,” said Yu.

Yu and Holman competed all four events, while Wiener competed bars, vault, and floor and Dunkley competed vault and floor. The top three scores count for the team, meaning each and every athlete must compete well if they want their team to succeed.

Going into the meet, Dunkley said the team didn’t have that many worries — despite being half the size of most other teams they competed against. “We had won Cap-7 a lot of years in a row, and last year we won in a tiebreak…so that was a concern; but other than that we were just focused on doing the best we can do,” said Dunkley.

All gymnasts agreed that part of their success is partly due to consistent practices. “We have practice once a week and most of our team are gymnasts, and they have practice other than that, too,” said Wiener.

They may not be a well known, but the Leesville gymnastics team are certainly a powerful group of gymnasts that deserve more recognition.


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