ITS prepares for their annual Haunted House


One of ITS’ jobs for their haunted hospital was advertising. This poster was sent out via social media describing the event. (Photo courtesy of Emma Nani)

The International Thespian Society is beginning to organize their annual haunted house in time for Halloween festivities. The haunted house is held in the auditorium and through the arts hallway. Guides will lead attendees throughout the scenes and will hopefully give them a good scare. 

The crew begins three weeks in advance to prepare for the show. Some of the jobs include guides, hard technical volunteers, soft technical designers, and costume preparation. All volunteers are part of ITS, an honor society for theatrics. 

This year’s theme is “Hospital” — which sounds terrifying. Since there won’t be any spoken lines in the haunted house, the actors have to rely on visual and sound effects. “We do a lot of screaming, and also vocal preparation to make sure [the actors] know how to scream properly without damaging their vocal cords.” says Maya Saib, one of the directors. Stage combat is also an element the actors rehearse to add more excitement. Costume preparation and makeup will have to be strong for the show in order to make the actors’ portrayal realistic.  

The attraction takes place on October 29 and 30 from 6-9 PM and tickets will cost $5. Directors Maya Saib and Logan Kaelin worked hard on organizing and preparing for the show. The haunted house is advertised around the community using posters and social media, so invite friends and family for a good scare this Halloween. 


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