IS by Khary album review

Khary has made 3 out of the 5 songs in his upcoming album, IS. Khary's new album will introduce 2 new songs that fans have not heard yet. (Photo courtesy of John Thornton)

Khary is an up-and-coming rapper from Rhode Island and began his career in 2017 with his debut album, Tidal Graves

Khary’s music has gotten more unique over the years. His upcoming album, IS, features new collaborations and artistic styles. IS features many artists, who are promising new rappers. 

All albums tell a story; so far, IS is a past, present, future kind of story. Friends loyal to each other instead of being loyal to a romantic relationship describes the past. The present relates to a changing of mind, there is more peace. The future associates with destiny after a certain event occurs.  


“2” is a song about Khary’s relationship with a girl who is perfect for him, who is comfortable doing the things that he likes. “2” talks about what is happening right now and the “character’s” feelings for their partner. 

“2” starts off slow and short, with guitar chords in the background. Khary sings “It’s been two years, two weeks since you introduced me to life,” which means that the way he feels for this girl is life-changing. The beat kicks in once Khary begins rapping about his life with his dream girl: the start of a fast-paced, optimistic life. 

Platonic (Ft. Grip) 

“Platonic” goes the opposite way of 2. Khary and Grip rap about money and friendship being more important than a serious relationship. The artists explain how the relationships they make should be apathetic and chill.

“Platonic”’s tone is serious and not soft. The characters are set up as best friends; they’re prideful because they are not in love with someone. 

Fuchsia (Ft. Haasan Barclay and Kota the Friend) 

After the story of “Platonic”, the IS character has moved on from their friend. The character has matured after the relationship ends. 

Like “2”, “Fuchsia” starts the song off slow, which builds up for the melody. Barclay opens strong with a new beat and background music. Immediately after Barclay finishes, Khary comes in with his part. Khary’s style of rapping is more sped up and connected than smooth: at some points it sounds like he is off-beat. Kota has more of a raspy feeling with connected lines and some sped up parts. 

The characters who are set up in “Fuchsia” reminisce on their relationships. “Now when I see you, fuchsia nose bleeds. In the rubble, guess the fault’s mine,” shows the maturity and growth the IS characters have experienced. They’re no longer filled with hubris, but rather filled with modesty. 

Khary’s new album, IS, is all about love. Love can change one’s mind many times throughout their life. 


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