Powderpuff returns in hopes of higher participation

The Powderpuff interest meeting was full of excitement. The game is planned for October 15, 2019. (Photo courtesy of Lucy Leen)

The exciting Leesville homecoming week tradition of Powderpuff, where girls play flag football at Marshall L. Hamilton Stadium in a one-night tournament between all grades, returns once again. Every year brings the excitement of football season with the participants of 


The Leesville community is hoping for a better time this year than last year’s game, where the low participation numbers showed. In fact, the number of participants in the grades above freshmen were so astonishingly low, the committee of Powderpuff went for an alternate option; one game would be played between the freshmen and the team of the sophomores/juniors/seniors, which did not provide nearly as much excitement as years past events.


After the disappointing showing at Leesville’s 2018 Powderpuff event, the community hopes this year’s game will provide a better experience for the participants. On Wednesday, Sept. 18, Mrs. Mayfield held interest meetings for students interested in participating.


One of the biggest goals of this year’s Powderpuff event is to have more participation and interest, which was received well as there was large representation at both lunches.


Other positions within the Powderpuff event are offered beyond being a player. According to the informational sheets, Powderpuff are looking for male coaches based on grade level to help out with the team and share knowledge with the players. 


Powderpuff are also looking for male cheerleaders. As of this publishing date, the Leesville wrestling team is expected to participate in the event as cheerleaders for the game, but more are welcome to join them for the game.


The Powderpuff event is planned to take place on October 15, at 5:30 pm. Admission is only $3 for fans planning to watch the event. 


A makeup interest meeting for the 2019 Powderpuff event will be held in Mrs. Mayfield’s room, 2216, after school on Sept. 20 to receive information and forms. 


  1. Well, you’ve got an announcer, anyway–I had to miss the 2018 event due to business travel but I’ll be there this year!


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