Juniors Begin the College Search

Many schools offer free college tours to high school students. On tours, you will receive important information about the school, such as scholarships, tution, and student life. (Photo used by permission of Amanda Ray)

Junior year is the most notorious year of high school, full of demanding AP classes, community service for NHS, and long nights of studying. On top of this, many juniors have to begin preparing for college. Students must take standardized tests, such as the ACT and SAT, as well as start touring colleges and make lists of schools of interest.

For most families, college is a huge investment, so searching for colleges can be an intimidating process. There are a variety of factors that can influence a college decision: price of tuition, student life, and majors available.

College tours are a great way to learn more about potential schools, and are usually free (with the exception of transportation to the campus). On tours, students can learn about scholarships, tuition, student life, as well as the history of the school. Students also may have the chance to visit classrooms, meet with professors of their expected major, and view the dining hall.

One student who has begun her college search is Hannah Harrison, a junior at Leesville. So far, she has toured UNC, Newberry College, UNCG, ECU, and she plans to visit NC State and Appalachian State in the spring. “I want to stay in state [for college]  because one, I want to stay near my mom, and two, out of state is really expensive… I have always loved UNC and have always been a big fan so that is my number one choice,” said Harrison.

Another student who has begun her college search is Emma-Grace Johnson, who is also a junior at Leesville. So far she has toured two schools — UNC and Wake Forest University. “On my visits I learned a lot about the admissions process as well as the history of each school… my favorite school so far has been UNC Chapel Hill because I could really imagine myself attending the school in the future and also the campus is absolutely stunning,” said Johnson.

Scheduling a college visit is easy and straightforward, and you can find information on signing up for a visit on any college’s website.


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