Leesville’s New Creative Journaling Club

Students meet in Room 131 during lunch and enjoy some practice in calligraphy while using pens and markers provided by the club. They provide a rainbow of markers, glittery and normal pens, as well as high quality calligraphy/journaling pens from the company Tombow (Photo courtesy of Kaitlyn Stocum).

If you can think of an activity you enjoy, there’s probably a club for it at Leesville. Such is the case for the Creative Journaling Club.

Created back in November by Aditti Yerra, freshman, and her group of friends, the club mostly focuses on maintaining and decorating bullet journals which are a little bit like a planner, mood tracker, and a doodle journal combined.

Yerra and her friends actually became close because of their shared love for bullet journaling. “My friends and I became friends because we found all we all like to bullet journal together so we figured why not start a club together,” said Yerra.

Michelle Engdahl, room 131, advises the club after overhearing Yerra and her friends talking about the club in her classroom.

Members are encouraged to complete their own journals at home, based on the current month. Meetings are every other week (2nd and 4th Thursday’s) to keep track and keep members consistent with their journals.

Club officers walk around the room, offering helpful hints or ideas to improve journals, as well as view the progress members have made. Yerra says that the club has helped her both make and maintain friendships.

“Now that [my friends and I] don’t have classes together since it’s a new semester, it’s easier to talk to each other cause we can all come back to the club,” said Yerra.

Although the meeting lasted only B lunch, the relaxing and wholesome atmosphere is enough to give anyone — regardless of grade — a great brain refresher before fourth period.


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