A cheap alternative to airpods

Airpods are everywhere in today’s society due to their unique look and functionality. The hefty price tag is a negative factor causing some to look for a more affordable option. (Photo Courtesy of Maddie Bimonte)

Across the world, Airpods are popping up everywhere becoming a staple in listening to music. Unfortunately, the hefty price tag may make it impossible for many to purchase, but there is an alternative.

What shocks most consumers is the extreme price tag — $160. Compared to many wireless earbuds on the market, it seems ridiculous to pay such an extreme price for such a cheap looking product. When 2018 rolled around, Airpods quickly became one the fastest selling products for Apple in that year.

Since their launch in December 2016, the interest in Airpods has only gone up. According to an article by Fortune, Apple sold fourteen to sixteen million pairs of Airpods in 2017 and in the same year dominated the earbud market, accounting for 85% of all sales across all brands.

So how did the Airpods gain huge popularity? It mainly relies on the accessibility of having hands free listening as well as the abilities that come with talking on the phone. The functionality that Apple has designed revolutionized the listening experience and requires no push of a button.

Since the launch of Airpods, companies have replicated to some degree the functionality and style the Airpods have. Although for a cheaper price, the knock-offs feature technical flaws and limited listening capabilities. One dupe brand however has surpassed expectations with the creation of the i10 and the i12’s which are available on websites like ebay and AliExpress.

The i10’s grew in popularity after their release in 2018 and retail for $30-$50. Even with the cheap price, the i10’s shared a strong resemblance to the Apple Airpods with a similar shape and size of the airpod and many of the same features.

Due to an increase in demand for the copy, the i12 model, which closely resemble the Airpods, hit the market a week ago. They boast a three to four hour use time and the charging case is good for up to five charges. The speaker quality, although not as impressive as Apple, showcases a good sound quality for the price. Another similarity to the Airpods is that the i10’s as well as the i12’s are usable with any bluetooth device, including Apple and Android products.

Even though the i12’s came onto the scene recently, the successor the i13’s have a scheduled release date in the next month or two. The rapid release of this brand of knock-off Airpods provides users with a more affordable price and constant upgrades. For those who are looking for a cheaper alternative, it is worth giving the i12’s a try.



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