Sawmill Taproom’s connection with Raleigh locals

Sawmill Taproom sits on the corner of Sawmill and Leadmine Road. The popular restaurant welcomes any and all individuals of the community everyday of the week. (Photo Courtesy of Olivia Fontaine)

In its many years of operation, Sawmill Taproom has been able to build strong and genuine relationships with their customers. The restaurant has created a reputable name for itself through catering and tending to each guests’ needs. People of all ages are welcome to enjoy the service, food and atmosphere of Sawmill Taproom.

Daily regulars are not uncommon in restaurants similar to Sawmill Taproom. “We have created many great relationships. These two regulars, Bill and Cathy, they are really great and we have a great bond with them,” said Bryce Ervin, a senior at Leesville and server at Sawmill Taproom. It is not hard to see that Sawmill has done an outstanding job at forming unique bonds with their customers: a level of authenticity and effort is necessary to keep regulars coming back daily– a level that Sawmill has obviously achieved.

Many amenities have been implemented into the running of the restaurant to cater to the needs of all customers. The majority of tables in the restaurant are wheelchair and highchair friendly, specifically put in place to produce extra leg room. The restaurant also offers two outdoor decks, both providing a space for smoking and dogs. The surrounding parking is a private lot, designated to all customers of the tavern. Each and every added detail keeps customers coming back again and again.

Hundreds of satisfied customers have filled the internet with reviews, explaining their delightful experiences at Sawmill Taproom. “On Saturday June 2nd, my family was coming from my father’s memorial service…The servers handled our large group with no notice impeccably. I can never thank Sawmill Tap Room enough for allowing us a festive sendoff for my dad while providing the highest quality food and service believable,” said Chase Miller, a commenter on Google reviews.

Chris Morgan, the owner of Sawmill Taproom, understands the value of community and the connections within that community. He has done an outstanding job at forming bonds and relationships with the regulars of the restaurant. Customers come back day after day to experience the personal and genuine connections with Sawmill employees.


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