Christmas Songs All Year Long?

Christmas brings to mind thoughts of holly, pine, and peppermint. Listening to songs that describe these things only increases spirit and joy. (Photo used by permission of Libreshot)

The days of October have faded, and the holiday season approaches quickly. This time of year dawns one of the greatest questions of all time: when is the right time to start listening to Christmas music?

While every person feels differently about the proper way to handle this controversy, many teenagers have opinions that fall into three different categories. The first time period is the day after Thanksgiving. The logic behind this argument is that Christmas is the next approaching holiday, and therefore, it is officially the season.

“If you listen to Christmas music starting the day after Thanksgiving, then it’s not ruining the other holidays. That’s when everyone should start, I think it’s just the right thing to do,” said Ian Flood, Leesville junior, via text. 101.5 FM starts to play Christmas songs on Black Friday, in support of this reasoning.

For some, the holiday season doesn’t begin until the end of November. Other people find trouble waiting that long and argue that November 1, the day after Halloween, is the appropriate day to begin Christmas music listening. This date is when 99.5 FM begins to play holiday songs.

Other people like Josh Bellue, Leesville junior, argues for this belief. “Halloween is a different kind of holiday, but once it hits November, it’s a free for all. Christmas songs make me happy and I’m not going to deny myself that for another entire month,” Bellue said.

A third opinion, which is less popular but still known, is that Christmas music does not have a start or stop date. This group’s argument is that holiday songs are for the entire year, no matter what season or month it is.

“I feel so uplifted and joyful when I hear Christmas songs, especially the happy ones. It’s so hard to turn it off. One day I just thought, ‘Why do I need to turn it off?’ So then, I didn’t. Here we are,” said Analeigh Kurelich, Leesville junior.

She listens to festive music on the daily without a care in the world. Her motto is to do what makes you happy. In this case, “what” is listening to holiday music.

Regardless of how you view the begin of the holiday season, winter is approaching quickly. The Christmas spirit is already in the air for some and is soon to come others.


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