Fall, fun festivities

Sarah Barnes and Vickee Finger pose in front of the pumpkins they previously aligned. (Photo used by permission of Vickee Finger.)

Fall is a season of colors, laughs and lots of pictures. With this spectacular season already three weeks in, there are tons of festivities and activities that will make this fall memorable.

A popular place to visit is “Scarowinds”, the Halloween themed name for the amusement park, Carowinds. Rides and all attractions come off as entertainingly scary. There are also lots of local places in the Leesville Road High School community some of our very own students have found employment at.

Vickiee Finger, an active member in the Leesville Road High School community, works at Shepherds Way Farm. There are three local locations here in Raleigh: Norwood, North Hills and Leesville. Finger currently works at the two locations at Norwood and Leesville. Along with Finger, there are other Leesville Road High school students that work seasonal openings at Shepherds Way Farm.

Finger has been working at Shepherds Way Farm for the past two years. Her duties include unloading the pumpkins brought to the farm, setting the pumpkins up for display, assisting customers with bringing the purchased pumpkins to there vehicles, and other cashier duties when customers purchase pumpkins.

“Shepherds Way Farm can often be hard carrying pumpkins around all the time, but I enjoy my seasonal job,” said Finger. Finger described Shepherds Way Farm to be a ”cute little vintage place.” She encourages all members of the Leesville Road High school community to come visit the locations. “Shepherds Way Farm is very family oriented,” said Finger.

Shepherds Way Farm includes a mound of pre-picked pumpkins customers welcome themselves to choose from for purchase. When customers pick out the pumpkins of their choice,   various areas are available where photos capture these memorable moments. “Most photos taken by many of our customers are fun fall photos and look vintage, perfect for the season,” said Finger.


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