Demographics of Leesville

The above data is a display of the Leesville and American populations broken into the following categories: male, female, white, black, Native American, Asian, Pacific Islander, and Latino/Hispanic.

It’s predicted that by the year 2045, the white population will make up only 49.7% of Americans, a phenomenon known as “the white minority.” The world today is engaging in more cultural and racial mixing than ever before. Nicknamed “the melting pot,” America is at the forefront of global fusion. As foreign languages, cultures, beliefs, and races gain prevalence in the country, students have more education, exposure, and power than past generations.

76.6% of Americans are white according to the U.S. Census Bureau. However, whites account for only 50.4% of U.S. citizens younger than 18. The schools of America are, in fact, the diversity capitals of the nation.

The Leesville Newspaper crew did a study on 6 English classes and surveyed those students about their demographic statuses. The goal was to cultivate a statistics set portraying key elements of the school’s general population.

A total of 138 students from Ms. Price and Mr. Miller’s classes were surveyed on their gender and ethnicity.

As shown on the bar graph, the Leesville community ethnically diverse in comparison to the total American population– a trend among schools that is a result of rapid globalization and cultural mixing. Leesville students’ ethnicities are more equally distributed than those of America’s total population. The diversity found in schools is evidence of complete cultural blending in the near future.


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