New Members Welcome to Political Club

The president and Vice President of political club, Daniel Ebbighausen and Connor Colvard, lead their first meeting of the school year. They start off the discussion on the first topic of the year, the Colin Kaepernick controversy (Photo courtesy of Keeli Johnson).

Politics these days can be a touchy subject due to all the recent hubbub around gun control, drug laws, Black Lives Matter and the feminist movement. Conversations always seem to end in people from opposite parties yelling at each other rather than actually trying to find a solution to  problems.

People don’t seem to have a calm environment where they can properly learn about and discuss issues that affect all of us.

Political Club is a place where students with all political views can discuss current issues and controversies. Two of the leaders of the club, Connor Colvard and Reganne Johnson, share how they created a space where students can be educated on different political topics.

“The goal of political club is mainly to increase awareness about a lot of political issues that are going on right now,” said Connor Colvard, member of the Political Club. Another member, Reganne Johnson, added that ”There are so many things that are going on right now in our country and in the world that people our age should be talking about because whether or not you like it, it’s going to affect you at some point.”

Each week the club has a different topic for club members to learn about and discuss. “We’ve talked about things like sex workers, legalizing marijuana, that kind of stuff, discussions that you hear about on the news and probably know about,” said Johnson. “We want most people to be informed about it, but if they’re not we help them be informed before we get our discussion started and allow them to make their own opinions.”

The officers ensure that everyone who wants to participate can do so without fear of judgement. “We’ve never really had an issue with people being aggressive, everyone’s been pretty mild which we’ve been very thankful with, and we always like that people have different viewpoints and are coming from different angles,” said Colvard.

“All of our officers are seniors this year so we plan to just grow the club as much as we can this year and just pass the reins on,” said Colvard. “I think it really helps people learn about politics, the roles of government, a lot of things that will help people really be good civil people.”

For anyone interested in joining, meetings are on Friday’s in Mr. Bacon’s room (Room 129).


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