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Ask almost anyone in the school, and they’ll know who Cecelia “Cece” Marks is. Most likely, they’ll have some story about her, whether it’s funny, kind, or inspiring. Cecelia Marks is a junior at Leesville, and is involved in countless activities, including: Varsity softball, Executive council, Art, National Honors Society, the list goes on and on. In addition to being a busy, active person, Marks is well respected and loved by her peers, friends, family, and the staff at Leesville.


Marks poses with her friends in Executive Council at a retreat. (Photo used by permission of Cecelia Marks)

When looking at her schedule, one may think that Marks is just a normal Honors/AP student. However, although she excels in a rigorous class load, Marks also makes time to participate in many other activities and organizations at Leesville.

Newly inducted, Marks is the executive council president for Leesville–which is the equivalent of student body president. “I love executive council so much. I get to [go to] all of these activities and conventions…And going to these events and learning how to make the school better and make the people around me better, that’s awesome,” said Marks.

Not only does Marks participate in executive council, she is also very involved with clubs and other organizations at Leesville. Cece is a member of four national honors societies, including: National Latin Honors Society, National Math Honors Society, National Art Honors Society, and National Honors Society. Additionally, she is a member of Key Club, Latin Club, and Math club.


Outside of the normal school day, Marks is a member of the Leesville Varsity Softball team, lettering her freshman year and earning her place as a starter sophomore and junior year. She is a consistent right fielder, and amazes her teammates with her determination and positivity. At the end of her junior season, Marks was voted to the All-Conference team for the CAP-7 conference; softball coaches from each school in the conference gather and vote on the best players in the conference.

Marks (far left) poses with her teammates Hannah Woody (center) and Erin Darnell (right) before a game. (Photo courtesy of Erin Darnell)

In addition to playing school softball, Marks plays for a 16u travel softball team–Carolina Impact. During the season, Marks and her travel team go to various tournaments in North Carolina almost every weekend.

Marks’ family is very supportive of her and her love of softball. In fact, Marks credits her love of softball to her father, who plays softball.

“I credit a lot of [playing softball] to my father, because I used to play soccer. But…my dad, actually, is a big softball player. Believe it or not, he would get with a bunch of his guy friends and go out and play softball in a little league and I would always go watch him…So I think that is one of the main reasons why I converted [from soccer to softball],” said Cece Marks.


On top of all her activities, Marks also spends time working on her artwork. She has taken many visual art classes at Leesville, and is passionate about the subject.

“I really love art as a whole because I feel like it reels me back in. A lot of people talk about [art] as an outlet, but I see it more as something that brings me back into focus. I do so many different things all the time…so I think that art has been such a good vehicle for me to come back together…and just focus on one piece that I’m working on or one idea or thought that I want to develop into something else,” said Marks.


As mentioned before, Marks is very well known at Leesville. Through all of her activities, Marks meets new people from all different walks of life, and takes the time to get to know people personally. Walking down the hallway, Marks greets everyone with a warm smile and a hello or a wave, which explains the love that her friends have for her friendly, outgoing spirit.

“She’s just a fun person to be around and she’s uplifting. And it’s always nice to have someone around you that…you can look up to and admire,” said Justin Kelly, junior.


Marks will be a senior in the 2018-19 school year, and she has big plans for the future. In addition to her goals of joining the Navy and going to medical school, Marks sums up her goal for her future life in one word: selfless.

“Being a selfless person, helping other people all the time…that’s what I want to die doing, I want to help other people for the rest of my life. I feel like…so many people are in need all of the time; so the least I can do with my able body and able mind is to help other people,” said Marks.

3 thoughts on “Student Spotlight: Cecelia “Cece” Marks”
  1. Hi CeCe..just found this site and I’m so proud of you..nice that others can see how forward thinking and energetic you are. Your talents..your gifts..are a reflection of the goodness within and its wonderful you want to share your talents and energy with many others. It’s an example of the wisdom you possess.
    Good job..much love.
    Your Grandfather..

  2. I am so proud of your desire to embrace humanity with love and kindness. To put others first, not as a sacrifice, but as a gift from your soul is remarkable for one so young. Thank you CeCe for reminding us of what should be our true path in life..NaNa

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