Why upperclassmen should continue to go off campus

While the underclassman are staying on the school campus for lunch, the juniors and seniors have the privilege of driving off campus to eat. Leaving the campus during the day is just another way the students obtain more freedom in their daily lives. (Photo courtesy of Creative Commons)

High school comes with a lot of responsibilities. Not only being responsible for academic priorities, but with social and extracurricular as well.

The off campus pass cost ten dollars from the main office and allows juniors or seniors to go out  of the school zone during their regularly scheduled lunch time.

The ability for the juniors and seniors to go off campus gives them a sense of maturity. Students are responsible for transportation to and from their lunch destination, thus preparing them for the sudden amount of freedom they’ll get when they go off for college.

Additionally, the off campus pass forces students to manage their time wisely by helping them plan ahead of time. Upperclassmen still have the option to stay on Leesville’s campus, as well as spending the first half of lunch getting help with teachers, and the second half going and meeting with friends.

The most convenient and time friendly places to go during the school hours is in Leesville Town Centre Pinecrest Point, and places including Subway, Tony’s pizza, Chipotle, and Mcdonald’s. When the upperclassman go off, this is also giving more business opportunities for said food places.

As new students enroll into Leesville, lunch in the school can become extremely crowded. When juniors and seniors stay outside of the school for the fifty-four minutes of lunch, the hallways are less crowded and gives the freshman and sophomores a chance to have more places to hang out during lunch other than the cafeteria.

While half of Leesville’s population leaves campus during lunch, this reduces stress for school administrators and teachers. As juniors and seniors leave for an hour,  the possibility for lunch fights between students decreases. Having to only watch the underclassmen gives the administrators more freedom to do what they want during lunch as well.

One of Leesville’s most popular places to connect with friends is the cafeteria, which is fairly small and not enough room for every student to be in there at once.

The opportunity for upperclassmen to go off campus everyday allows them to have just a little bit more fun during the school day. As a junior at Leesville, I think having the option to go off campus is a great way to make new friends and new memories everyday. Being able to drive off campus and meet up with friends is like having a Saturday brunch during the week.

Having the option to leave campus each day has helped reduce stress for difficult fourth period classes. During lunch, being able to be in a different atmosphere other than school takes away from the anxiety, and helps student feel more relaxed when they arrive back on campus.

Another good thing about upperclassmen going off is that the freshmen and sophomores have more one on one time tutoring with teachers. As stated before, many students are enrolling and this gives freshmen and sophomores less of a chance to get help during lunch.

Having upperclassmen go off campus during lunch allows classrooms to be another safe place for the underclassmen to get help, or to just have a room to eat in peace. When underclass see they will be able to go off the school’s vicinity when they reach junior and senior year, this causes them to work harder so that can buy an off campus pass and have more fun during school hours.


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