Trouble sleeping? Try a podcast!

Getting enough sleep at night is extremely important to function properly. However, many people struggle to fall asleep at night and are more exhausted when they wake up in the morning. (Photo used by permission of Creative Commons)

From sleeping pills, aromatherapy, music, there are many tactics that help one fall asleep. But why hasn’t anyone said anything about a podcast made to help people sleep? Drew Ackerman came up with the idea of a podcast made to help insomniacs sleep called Sleep With Me Podcast..

The Sleep With Me Podcast is available on Spotify, Youtube, and iTunes. On iTunes, the Sleep With Me Podcast is downloaded roughly about 1.3 million times a month. Though Ackerman has many outlets for his podcast, most listeners log onto Youtube each night so that each video plays one after the other in their favorite order.

The Sleep With Me Podcast is meant to distract the minds of insomniacs. The podcast has Ackerman telling , interesting bedtime stories that lull the listener to sleep.

Ackerman started his podcast in October of 2013 and still posts new bedtime stories each night. Each podcast is about an hour long and begins with Ackerman informing the listener of what the podcast is all about. After a nine minute intro, he begins his story.

As Ackerman tells his stories, he keeps his voice at the bottom of the his vocal range, but it is often described as soft and lulling. His story plots are sometimes extremely random or equally labyrinthe. His recent storylines circle around a magical female pirate name Lady Witchbeard.

Though Ackerman’s bedtime stories may work for some people, he does state in his podcast that his stories may not work for everyone.

In an online article interview with The New Yorker, at, Ackerman stated, “For some people, sounds work well. For others, like people prone to anxiety, or overthinking, they’re already telling themselves a story in their heads. This gives them to opportunity to stop listening to the stories in their brain and listen to this other, kind of boring story where there is no personal stake for them.”

Ackerman’s stories range from anything about him talking about his own insomnia to talking about how Fruit Punch is made. His most popular bedtime story is The Long Game — This bedtime podcast was the start of his career. In this bedtime story, Ackerman talks about the popular television show, Dr.Who, where Dr. Who is trapped inside of a space station.

The Sleep With Me Podcast has gotten tons and tons of great reviews. Most of the reviews state that the listener never thought a podcast would help them get to sleep at night, or that Ackerman’s voice does an excellent job of helping them get to sleep.

So if you’re starting to feel as if you’ve tried everything to get to sleep at night, The Sleep With Me Podcast could be just what you need!


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