Top 10 funniest scholarships

Applying for colleges soon? Fear not! Your college dreams will soon come true with these extraordinary college scholarships. Click each link for more information! (Photo courtesy of Creative Commons)

Are you worried about how you will get into college with barely any scholarships or where the money will even come from? You’ve come to the right place! In this article you will get an overview of the top ten funniest and easy-to-get scholarships! These scholarships focus solely of giving benefits to students who are struggling with debt, and just any student who wants to add on more scholarships for their college experience.

  1. The Chick and Sophie Major Duck Calling Scholarship

Do you feel as if you are one of the best duck callers in the world? This may just be the perfect scholarship for you! The hilarious  duck calling competition takes place in Arkansas during their annual Duck Festival. The winner then receives $2,000 to their college tuition.

  1.  2. The National Marbles Competition Scholarship

Remember the game we all played as children, Jacks? Everyone loved it! If you are in the ages between seven and eighteen years old, congratulations! You are eligible for this scholarship! The Jacks competition has the player competing against 1,200 competitors and the winner gains a purse of $4,000 to help with their college dreams.

  1. The OP Loftbed Award Scholarship

“Tell us a story about your favorite pet.”  or “What’s the strangest item you have found when you were a child?” The Loftbed Award Scholarship is perfect for the person who goes on wild adventures and would be known as a ‘dare devil’. The scholarship offers between $500- $700 to any applicant who can gives the most outrageous stories about their lives.

  1. Stuck at Prom Scholarship

The Stuck at Prom scholarship is targeted to students who will be attending a high school or homeschool prom. To compete in the Stuck at Prom competition,  the applicant must take a picture of themselves wearing an original do-it yourself (DIY) prom outfit made from the Duck Brand Duct tape. The winner receives $10,000 while the four runner-ups will gain just $100.

  1. Make Me Laugh Scholarship

Similar to the Loftbed scholarship, the Make Me Laugh scholarship offers $1,500 in tuition and causes the applicant to tell a funny story (real or fake) to judges. If you’re in the ages of thirteen and older, you are eligible to apply by May 1, 2018. The only catch is, the judges are extremely strict and have to laugh aloud for more than thirty seconds.

  1. Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship

Ever thought about how you would survive a zombie apocalypse? This scholarship is perfect for you! Not only does it help you plan for survival if there ever was an apocalypse, but it also gives you the chance to show off your creativity and eagerness for college. The Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship offers $2,000 to an applicant who composes the most complex and creative way to survive a zombie apocalypse.

  1. Tall Clubs International Foundation Scholarship

The Tall Clubs International Foundation is a non-profit organization specifically made to benefit the tall people of the world. The scholarship offers up to $1,000 to each applicant who reaches the minimum height of 5’10 for females and 6’2 for males.

  1. JIF Most Creative Sandwich Scholarship

We all know the popular peanut butter brand, JIF! Every year they offer $25,000 of college tuition money to the most sandwich including their brand of peanut butter. Last years finalist sandwiches included a banana split quesadilla and a peanut butter toast fruit roll up.

  1. Resume Genius Scholarship

The Resume Genius Scholarship offers $2,500 to the most creative resume for a fictional character made up by the applicant. Historic and myth related characters may be used.

  1. Superpower Scholarship

Obsessed with superheroes? Great! To obtain this scholarship, the applicant must write about what superhero or villain they would want to switch lives with for a day. The scholarship offers up to $2,500. Ages 13 and older can apply in November each year.


  1. If you select the ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ link, you are redirected to a list of scholarships from which the author plagiarized theirs.


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