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Apple’s Prosperous Wireless Earbuds

Apple’s Prosperous Wireless Earbuds
BGR reports that a reputed analyst expects Airpods sales to double in 2018. The anticipated amount to be sold is around 28 million units. (Photo courtesy of Natalie Gore)

In September 2016, Apple released their version of Bluetooth wireless headphones called “Airpods”. Since their initial launch, Airpods have gained vast popularity, especially amongst high school and college students.

If you take a walk through the halls at Leesville and it is a sure thing that you will encounter a handful of students sporting the new electronic ear apparel. Airpods connect to any device that can stream through Bluetooth, whether it be a laptop or mobile phone. Their easy connectivity makes it extremely simple to wear them around in between classes or during a free period.

“It’s so easy to just whip [the Airpods] out whenever I want to listen to something, and I don’t have to worry about carrying my phone around right next to me,” said Joe Hoffman, sophomore at Leesville.

Students also love Airpods because of the charging case that comes with the purchase. The case is built to repower the earbuds with a simple lightning charger — the same one that is used to charge an iPhone. It is portable and light, just like the Airpods themselves.

An interesting feature that the wireless earbuds have is their playback. When users take an Airpod out of their ear, the music automatically stops and only resumes once the listener puts the earbud back in.

As well as that, Apple’s famed virtual assistant Siri is available with just a tap of the finger on the side of the earbud.

To put it simply, Airpods are extremely helpful, especially to students in a rush. There is no cord– so tangling isn’t a worry–and their connectivity is fast and strong.

Unfortunately, there are also some downsides to the devices.

If you are a person who listens to music during a workout or all day at work, Airpods may not be the best idea for you. They recharge speedily, but their battery life is extremely short, so if you plan to use them all day, you may have to recharge them multiple times.

Another disadvantage of the Airpods is that, unlike an iPhone, you cannot use the Airpods while they charge. If your goal is to use them around the clock, you will eventually get stuck in a perpetual cycle of repowering your earbuds.

Finally, Airpods cost $159 per pair. There are many wireless listening devices for sale now, and Apple’s product is rather expensive. Shoppers have to make a decision whether or not paying the price for Airpods is worth it.

“They’re so expensive, and I feel like I would lose them instantly, and it would be a complete waste of my money,” said Bailie Cook, a sophomore at Leesville. “They’re super cool to use when my friends have them, but I’m not really sure about my own investment.”

Airpods may be expensive, but they have many intriguing and helpful features that benefit high school students. For teenagers at Leesville, Apple’s earbuds are a great choice.

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