Pela is based out of Canada. When ordering a Pela case, ensure plenty of time for shipping for needed delivery date. (Photo courtesy: Izzee Akers)

Jeremy Lang and Matt Bertulli co-founded the company Pela. The company came to be after Lang was in Hawaii with his family and his son dug up some plastic when playing in the sand. This discovery lead to Lang wondering about the impact plastics make on our planet. From there the company took off. They designed the brand around creating products that are completely plastic free trying to reduce the amount of plastic being used by individuals.

The company bases its idea off the concept of sustainability. In order to achieve this they make eco-friendly phone cases. The founders of Pela are family men who are making efforts to preserve the planet for their children and beyond. They answer the question of why with four words: reduce, alleviate, educate, and build.

Pela is not like any other company. They have based their work off of an idea they are passionate about and believe deserves recognition and attention. The educate part of their “why” is described as “Educate people about plant-based, sustainable alternatives that are both functional and beautiful.” Currently, with Americans finding their voices more than ever, there is no better time to speak up for what you believe in and stand to make a difference.

Pela’s leading product is their phone case. They sell cases for both iPhone, going back to the iphone 5 edition, as well as cases for Androids. If one’s phone isn’t on the list of available products, Pela gives the opportunity to email them and sign up for more devices. They want to insure that every person has the chance to use their case.

Maddie Mareno, Leesville Road High School junior, purchased the “Believe In Better” case from Pela recently. Mareno discovered the company while scrolling through Instagram and seeing an advertisement for the cases. “Pela environmental efforts across the board are amazing. The company is working with their consumers and products to create a better world which is something I’m down to support. I am in love with my case and knowing that its eco friendly makes it that much more special,” said Mareno, via text.

While the case prices are fairly expensive, ranging from $20-$30, the money is being well spent. Every case is tested to be free of BPA, lead, cadmium, and phthalates by NSF, National Science Foundation. Other phone cases carry the chance of bringing in toxins into your home, as well as carried around with you everywhere you go.

Pela eliminates this chance and promises a safe product to everyone.

By purchasing a Pela product, you are helping to reduce the amount of plastic waste created by consumer products as well as alleviating dependency on non-renewable fossil fuels and oil based plastics. You don’t need to be an environmental activist to support Pela and their efforts to create a better environment for everyone.


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