Junior Varsity Softball Returns to Leesville

The last JV Softball team, in 2012; the team fielded 11 girls and was coached by Wendell Barnwell, math teacher. Additionally, the uniforms consisted of shorts--now transitioned to softball pants, ideal for sliding. (Photo courtesy of the Menagerie)

After a six year hiatus, a Junior Varsity Softball team returns to Leesville. In 2012, JV softball played their last game–until this year, that is. This spring season, head coach of the Varsity softball team, Bryan James, decided to reintroduce the JV softball program due to high interest. Both the Varsity and JV teams are fielding 14 girls this season, along with three managers. Varsity is head coached by Bryan James and the JV team is head coached by Pete Rose.

“I decided that I was only going to carry 14 girls on the Varsity roster. We have 41 girls that are interested in the sport–five years ago, we were lucky if we had twelve,” said Coach James. As the years passed, popularity of softball grew, forcing James to either turn away dozens of girls or place them on the JV team to encourage and grow their talent and interest.

One of the main goals for the JV team is development. The goal of the team is to foster good habits and interest within the sport of softball and build up players so that they will play on the Varsity team.

Any school that invests in successful and committed JV programs ultimately have successful varsity programs.  It is the greatest opportunity to teach, coach and develop a winning culture,” said Rose, via email.

The players are also excited for the opportunity for development and hopeful for this season and those in the future.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing all the girls that are on the JV team this year grow…and see what is like to play high school softball,” said Sarah Henderson, sophomore captain of the JV team.

If you are interested in following the JV softball team this season, you can find their schedule here.


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