A New Experience for Theatre II

The scripts and roles for “Bright Ideas” were distributed at the beginning of the semester. This is the first production that Theatre II has ever put on. (Photo courtesy of Hannah Comeskey)

International Thespian Society (ITS) and Mainstage are famous for their creativity, exceptional lighting, distinct portrayal of characters, as well as their unique sets, props, hair, and makeup that transform the scripts into an experience.

Now, for the first time ever, Theatre II is putting on a performance of their own.

The production will be a semester long process that has already begun. The first step was deciding on a play and receiving production rights. The play they decided to put on was a comedy called Bright Ideas written by Eric Coble.

Next came deciding which students would play what roles. Maya Saib, Theatre II student who plays the role of Genevra, the child’s mother, said, “I’m really enjoying it… I’m really enjoying [Genevra’s] character, she just gets crazier throughout the play.”

The play is about two parents who are willing to do anything for their child to be admitted into Bright Ideas Early Childhood Development Academy, the most prestigious daycare around. In the world they live in, attending the best preschool is essential to succeeding in life. The extreme desperation these parents have makes for a hilarious comedy that is sure to get the crowd laughing.

Even though the play presents an exaggerated situation, there is a hint of reality behind it. Luke Hesla, theatre II student and assistant stage manager of Bright Ideas, said, “I think the most prominent theme is that people do some crazy things for their children.”

Although the production process has only just begun, the theatre students feel that they work well together and that the play will be a success for that reason. “Mostly things are going really smoothly. A lot of people are caring about their parts and not really complaining to anyone about their parts. They’re making good choices with their character, so we are seeing a lot of good growth with the play this early on,” said Hesla

A definite date has not been set yet for the show’s premiere, but it is tentatively planned for sometime near the end of May. Be sure to keep an eye out for any updates and come out to support Leesville’s Theatre Department.

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