Behind the Scenes of The Wedding Singer

The period of time spanning from auditions to closing night is commonly called “musical season”. During musical season, the actors and techies devote countless hours to memorizing lines, rehearsing scenes, and designing costumes and sets.

With the dates of the spring musical rapidly approaching the theatre department is doing all that it can to prepare for the show, The Wedding Singer. With a cast of almost 50 people, there is heaps of work to be done for the musical: dance choreography, vocal rehearsals, scene blocking, and more.

However, for all the preparations done by the actors, a talented production team and a multitude of techies are doing just as much work behind-the-scenes.

With such a large-scale production, Ms. Tarson–the director– and Ms. Wrayno –the technical director– have a team of students who help in the production of the show. The production team consists of two assistant directors, a stage manager, two assistant stage managers, and an assistant technical director, who all play an important role in all of the technical aspects of the show.

Shreeja Shah, senior and stage manager of The Wedding Singer, is looking forward to helping Ms. Tarson and the other actors to truly make the show come to life. “Just seeing everything slowly coming together–the rehearsal process, and when we start running the show– is probably my favorite part,” said Shah.

One goal that the production team has set for the behind-the-scenes rehearsal process is to simply have fun. “With doing so many hard shows in the past, we’re kind of scaling back a little bit, and doing a more relaxed, fun show,” said Shah. And it’s true; many members of the hardworking production team do deserve a break, especially after tackling three different fall shows last semester.

Shah, as well as the other members of the production team, have taken the “have fun” theme to heart for this musical. “I just want to have the most fun that I can, because it is my last show here at Leesville,” said Shah.

With all the hard work and dedication that the production team puts into the show, there is no doubt that The Wedding Singer will be a hit at Leesville!


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