And my final Ramen goes to…

North Carolina State University is just one example of a school that creates a Facebook group for students to find roommates. Here, admitted students can post profiles and wait anxiously to find their future roomie. (Photo courtesy Regan Harsa)

Applying to college is stressful enough on its own.. add on top of that finding a roommate!! Craziness! Many schools have Facebook groups for admitted students. In these groups, students post a profile about their likes and dislikes.

All of a sudden, finding a roommate becomes online dating.

Girls are like sharks: Everyone is frantically searching for a roommate and competing to win the heart of their possible roomie.

When I was scrolling through profiles, I noticed one girl that I thought I would be compatible with. I commented on her post and waited… and soon became obsessed. TOO MANY GIRLS WANTED HER, TOO, and might I add, were unoriginal with their comments (many leaving the same one as mine, but I’m not mad). Anyways, she chose me, which was obviously the right choice. I had won her final pack of Ramen, and she had won mine <3.

After finding a roommate, the dating process isn’t over. The texts back and forth begin. You’re still in the phase of “Do they like me? Do they really want to be my roommate?” It’s totally nerve wracking.

My roommate and I met in person at Jubala, a coffee shop in Lafayette Village. I arrived first and sat there fixing my hair and fidgeting… this was a date (LOL). When she arrived, we just sat down and talked about our likes and dislikes and where we would like to dorm.

We are so similar it’s crazy. I guess you can say our first date went well and another one is planned for the future.


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