Wrestling tri-meet at Leesville

The entire wrestling team stopped for a quick photograph before their tri-meet against two Cap 7 teams, on December 21. Even head coach, Jason Wyss, hopped in the back! Photo used with permission from Max Buico.

The most recent wrestling meet that took place at Leesville on December 21,ended in a victory for the Pride. This meet in particular was a “tri-meet,” meaning three schools (Leesville, South East Raleigh, and Millbrook) were in attendance.

In order to have three teams competing at the same meet, one school would have to be sitting out while the other two compete against each other. The meet began with South East competing against Millbrook, ending with a Millbrook victory. Then, Leesville competed against South East Raleigh, resulting in a Leesville win. Finally, to end the meet, Leesville competed against Millbrook for the win, resulting in a Leesville win.

The Leesville team has won almost every meet they have been to, with the exception of two duals with Washington High School and Western Harnett High School.

Of the fourteen starters on the LRHS Wrestling team, half of them are ranked in the top twenty in the 4A state. The team has made several notable performances, finishing third at the “Jim King Invitational” and second at the “Western Harnett Duals.”

The Wrestling team, although goes unnoticed, has a very talented group of students who have truly shown their commitment on the team.

On Mondays and Fridays at 5:30 a.m. sharp, you can find the Wrestling Team at Leesville, beginning their workouts for the day. This doesn’t excuse them from the after school workouts as well, meaning a double practice day, twice a week.

Their next meet is an away meet against Broughton, taking place tonight, Tuesday, January 9, 2018. Go out to support your wrestling team!


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