Leesville Taproom, a great family restaurant

The Taproom is a family-favorite restaurant that has almost any food group one can imagine! The friendly staff and eye-pleasing decor are only part of what makes this restaurant my family’s favorite place to go. (Photo Courtesy photo used with permission of Emily Booth)

The Leesville Taproom, located in the Leesville Towne Centre just off I-540 at the intersection of Leesville Road and Strickland Road, is a great family sit-down or to-go restaurant with a warm atmosphere and a great staff.

Ever since 2008, when the Taproom first opened, my family has taken advantage of the quiet and cozy character the restaurant has to offer. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the Taproom is open from 9 a.m. until 12 a.m. on the weekends.

There has not been one time that my family hasn’t gone to the Taproom and recognized a familiar face, or seen a family we know eating there as well. Emily Booth, a student my dad taught in her freshman year at Leesville, works as a hostess and a server at the Taproom for the past two years. The Taproom treats their servers well, in terms of good pay and good shift times.

“I like working at Leesville Taproom because I get to have fun with awesome managers and cool coworker while also making great money to save for college,” said Booth, senior at Leesville Road High School.

The restaurant was just redone, in a more modern style than the last. The Taproom is a huge and spacious place for a meal, so there usually is not a wait time. There are three sections to the Taproom, allowing for a variety of meals: a sit down area with booths and tables, a full bar with seating near the back, and a place with higher up tables, surrounded by televisions for a little less than casual dining.

One of the things that attracts customers the most is that it caters to everyone’s favorite foods, serving everything from soups/salads to sandwiches to decadent appetizers to steaks and fish, to pastas and wraps, and anything possible in between.

My favorite appetizer is their famous pickle chips, a delicacy they are known for. Their caesar salads are the perfect balance between dressing and leaves, not too soggy and not too bland. My mom’s favorite food is the fish tacos, which is the only thing she gets, because she loves it so much!

Whether you are a meat lover, a vegetarian, a pescatarian, a picky eater, an immense carb lover, or simply in the need of a lot of food for a good price, the Leesville Taproom is a close, and charismatic place that meets all needs.


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