Leesville’s special needs awareness club gears up for holiday festivities

In the above image students in the special needs program enjoy making caramel apples organized by the members of SNAC during a monthly meeting. (photo used by permission of Charlotte Goto)

Special needs awareness club (SNAC) is a group of students who get together every month with the students in the special needs program here at Leesville. Prior to every meeting members of the club get together and plan interactive activities they can do during their time with the students.

SNAC has so many members the club needed to be split into three different groups. Each group has at least ten members in it. Every month each group spends one lunch period with the students in the special needs program. With the holidays approaching members of SNAC club have many festive activities planned.

Each group either does crafts, food, or games every time they meet with the students. Group A met on December thirteenth and decorated holiday cookies with the students. Group B is in charge of planning interactive games with the students. This month they have Christmas karaoke and four corners planned. Lastly,Group C will meet in January to make snowflake crafts.

SNAC is a great way for students to spend quality time with the students in the special needs program. Through simple and fun activities, these students open up and build great relationships with the members of SNAC. Both members of the club and the students in the special needs program look forward to every month’s meeting.

“If you are looking for or searching for a way to spend time with some of the coolest people at the school then definitely get involved with SNAC club as a first step to developing a relationship with them,” said David Curlin, an LRHS junior and member of SNAC.

For more information on SNAC and what you can do to become a member visit Mrs.Killela in 2201.


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