Leesville Holds Winter Choir Concert

The Leesville Chorus sings a song together near the end of the night performance on December 8. All parts of the program had an opportunity to shine during the concert. (Photo courtesy of Jennifer Bateman)

The fall semester has been nothing but dedication for the students involved in the chorus program. Hours of hard work in class and after school rehearsals came to peak in early December, as the Leesville choir performed in their first concert of the year.

Led by Mrs.Tonya Dickens, the chorus put on two different shows on Friday, December 8, at 4:30 pm and 7:30 pm.

Heading into the concert, different emotions were running high through many people. “Since I am a freshman it’s really nerve racking and stressful. But I am also very excited,” said Cassie Hardiman, a member of the choir and a freshman at Leesville.

As both shows carried on, lighting behind the choir constantly changed between songs. Christmas themed songs were the majority of the show, and all were met with loud and encouraging applause.

The show began with the freshman dominated group, the “Beginning Chorus’, who sang four songs to kick off the concert. The Intermediate Chorale followed, with five more songs to add to the show. Capital Pride followed with five songs of their own. Finally, the show brought all of the choirs together to sing two songs.

Each song had a story behind it. The perfect harmony between the students was clearly showcased on stage. The time, effort and hard work put into the songs was highly noticeable.

At the end of the shows, as all choirs came together, their last song was taken from the original musical, Dear Evan Hansen. During breaks of the song, actors from the Intermediate Chorale spoke dialogue, then returned to their places.

The combination of acting and singing was a riveting way to conclude the shows, and the program showed togetherness through their concerts.

A standing ovation was given at the end of the concert — one that was very well deserved.


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