Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Ms. Meeks’ intermediate art students create beautiful art pieces by using various shades of black, white, and grey.

Recently, students were assigned with the task of creating a piece of art using different variations of black and white; the artwork could be anything the artist imagined.

Jessica Emanuel, sophomore, went looking for inspiration and found hers.

Emanuel’s piece is a drawing of a female with a head of flowers. She did not have a structured plan while creating her piece; she just went with what inspired her.

“I went looking for inspiration, and I came across pictures that look like my piece and went with it,” said Emanuel.

Emanuel’s main goal while making her piece was to satisfy her expectation and clearly define the different shades of dark colors.

Alana Huntwork, a junior intermediate art student, drew inspiration for her piece from her personality traits and personal struggles.

“I chose abstract faces because it’s one of my favorite things to draw. The faces are double sided which represents how I’m double sided and indecisive,” said Huntwork.

Huntwork explained that she produced her piece to represent all of the dark qualities that she believes everyone has. She also wants people who suffer from internal and personal struggles to know that they are not alone; Huntwork herself has struggled. Huntwork feels that this piece expresses the struggles that she has had in her life.

“This piece expresses my bipolar disorder within the differences in the faces,” said Huntwork.

While producing her art, Huntwork tried new art techniques such as watercolor. Huntwork dedicated her piece to her own experiences.

Katherine Eaton, junior and intermediate art student, was not sure how to start creating her piece at first.

“I wanted to do something easy, so I decided to draw a face,” said Eaton.

Eaton went with anything that came to her while making her piece. She decided to go with complexity to show the complicated mind of a teenager and the confusing ups and downs that go with finding one’s identity. Her final piece depicts a gender neutral person, and Eaton feels that shows the complex internal struggle within a person to find out his or her personal identity.

In the end, Emanuel, Huntwork, and Eaton all had different meanings and reasons for creating their art pieces, from showing the difficulties of growing up to expressing one’s life hardships.

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