Leesville Students Take On Panic Point

Addison Bordeaux (left) and Camryn Brockman (right) pose with a person dressed up and working at panic point. They decided to go to panic point on opening night-- nearly 4 weeks before Halloween-- to take advantage of the shorter lines.

In high school, students may feel like they’ve grown out of dressing up and trick-or-treating. A fun alternative to the scary tradition is going to outdoor haunted park attractions. There are two around Raleigh, the first is Panic Point and the second is Fear Farm. Panic Point’s opening night was September, 23– the park is opened every Friday through Sunday and of course the night of Halloween.

Panic point has numerous attractions including a dark trail, hayride, haunted corn maze, a non haunted corn maze, a crypt, zombie shootout, and carnival games. The most popular attraction is their dark trail which is a walk through the dark with people dressed in scary costumes that jump out at you and chase you with chainsaws.

Camryn Brockman, Leesville Junior said, “[My favorite part was] probably just the whole thrill of it, being with friends, and seeing what I can handle [fear wise].

There are also plenty of photo opportunities for people to take advantage of while they wait in line for the attractions. There are people wearing detailed masks or special effects makeup for people to take pictures with leading up to being scared.

“[My least favorite part was] freaking out while we were waiting in line just because there was so much added suspense that it was kind of overwhelming. That’s only if you think about it though, if you don’t think about it, it’s fine,” said Brockman.

If you’re an adrenaline junkie or if you love nearly being scared to death, Panic Point or Fear farm are definitely places you should look into going to before it closes the weekend after Halloween.


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