Elon University welcomes Cole Coleman

The day after football star Cole Coleman announced his commitment to Elon University via twitter, he wore clothes featuring his future school from head to toe. Coleman will continue his education in the field of communications. (Photo courtesy of Chelsea Dinkenor)

Cole Coleman, a football star for Leesville Road, committed to Elon University on September 27. After lots of careful consideration, he accepted his full scholarship offer. The school is Division I and participates in the Colonial Athletic Association Conference, which includes other teams such as Furman, Villanova, James Madison.

Growing up, kids are told “academics comes before athletics.” Somehow over the years, kids have managed to find a perfect balance of the two, creating the ideal athlete and the ideal student. An excellent example of this person would be Cole Coleman. He has managed to go to his dream school in addition to receiving a full ride scholarship to Elon, a school that is both academically and athletically advanced.

“I committed to Elon University, because they specialize in my field of study, communications.” said Coleman. The School of Communications at Elon brings together 1330 students and staff to create a learning environment in one of the nation’s greatest communications schools.

Coleman has a chance to play from day one of arriving at the school, which was another huge reason as to why Elon was his final choice.

Coleman was unsure if his football career would go past high school, but because of his hard work and desire to succeed, his career will continue into college. ““I would want to play in college because football is something that I am passionate about…I want to play the sport for as long as I can, regardless of where that stops.”

We wish Coleman the best of luck in the rest of his academic and athletic career at Elon!


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