Want to Serve? Join Key Club

Established as one of the first international clubs, Key Club provides a means for students to come together to serve their local community. Here, Leesville students are making dog toys out of donated shirts for the local pet shelter. (Photo used by permission of Tushar Varma).

Situated in an upper income area, Leesville is considered by many to be a school with a pretty privileged populous. Many students here want the chance to use some of their privilege for the greater good of others. So, how does one service the local community, while at the same time gain service hours and have fun doing it? Look no further than Key Club.

Internationally chartered in 1925, Key Club is both the oldest and largest service club for high schoolers in the world. Globally, the club has over 250,000 members. Leesville’s Key Club chapter hosts a wide variety of service and volunteer opportunities geared towards finding the right mix of hands-on duty and fun.

“Key Club is a community of students who wish to help their community in any way they can,” said Kayla Pope, the Vice President of the club. “You have the opportunity to gain key leadership skills and help out along with your friends,” she said

Aside from the stewardship opportunities that the club provides to students, Key Club also has neat events throughout the year to keep things fresh. Included among these is the Carowinds trip coming up in October, which will act as an exciting kickoff for the opportunities to come.

“Last year, Key Club and Social Justice club partnered up to help with the Wake Food Drive. One class we partnered with donated over 100 pounds of food to keep impoverished kids nourished throughout the school year,” said Pope.

Want to get in on the action? Pick up an application from Ms. Lamberth and fill it out by September 22. Dues are $15 and can be turned in via the front office.

Also, don’t forget to bring a friend along to share this fun, yearlong experience with.


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