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Setting and Meeting Goals

Every successful school year is achieved through setting and meeting goals– which provide a standard that students can push themselves to meet. For many students, the beginning of the school year is a time to set goals for themselves. In the case of the seniors, however, it’s the start of their last year to realize them.  

Some seniors have already achieved their goals from freshman year.

“My goal going into high school was to pass all the classes, meet new people, and get into as many groups as possible, which I have mostly accomplished,” said Ryan Oliveria, a senior at Leesville.

Emma Lewis is another senior who has completed what they set out to do in freshman year. “My goal in ninth grade was make dance ensemble, which I did…and now I am doing sports med, where I am doing well and learning a lot in,” said Lewis.

Seniors are doing everything possible to make their last year memorable. Jessica Quinones, a senior, looks back on her days as a freshman. “I was a scared and confused…. I didn’t know what I wanted out of school and who I wanted to be.”

While the seniors get ready to move out, the freshman begin moving in and making their mark. Sarah Arnold is among those freshmen already planning ahead to their senior year and beyond. “Before I leave, I want to be known as caring, smart, kind, friendly to everyone. I would like to meet friends for life and finish with all A’s.”

“I want to be successful in basketball over the next four years, and I want to get into the four schools I am interested in with athletics and grades.” said Will Keever, a freshman at Leesville. “I would also love to become the underclassmen President for the club I am in, called Make a Wish club.”

As seniors embark on the journey of their last year of high school,  they compare  the person they envisioned themselves as freshmen year to whom they have become over the course of four years. Meanwhile freshman are beginning their own adventure to create a legacy for themselves and for the Leesville community.


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