Leesville Juniors Hit The Student Parking Lot

Jenna Woods and Skylar Hesla preparing to drive home from school in the student parking lot. The two, like others, are excited for their first year driving to Leesville. (Photo used by permission of McKenna Daley)

As every senior class graduates, parking spots open in the student parking lot. For juniors who have received their driving licenses this year, it provides a new opportunity for them.

Instead of using cars and buses as ways to get to school, juniors who have their licenses get a big advantage: having their own spot to park in at school.

When driving to the school, the students park in the student parking lot.The spots seem to give Leesville students a sense of freedom. “It feels great because I feel independent, I can drive off-campus, all very great opportunities you get as a junior,” said Hannah Boyce, a junior driver to Leesville this year.

Junior drivers agree that being able to drive to school on their own is a big advancement. “I think it is a really big upgrade to be able to drive myself because I get to pick when I leave, and I get to pick who I get to talk to in the morning,” said LRHS junior, Rachel Haywood.

Generally, drivers would leave their house at around 6:40-6:45 a.m. each day, but it all depends on where the students lives. Some drives take five minutes, while others can take half an hour to complete. Students must park in their assigned spot, with enough time to walk into school and make it into class before first period begins at 7:25.  

With the opportunity that comes with having their own parking spot, another opportunity opens up, this time for the seniors. Every year as a prank, the seniors, who also park in the student parking lot, use sidewalk chalk to draw over parking space numbers in the junior lot.

This easily frustrates and confuses the junior drivers. It starts a chain reaction, when one driver cannot find their parking spot, the others next to them cannot find their spot either, causing chaos within the lot. This is a yearly occurrence, however, so new junior drivers can prepare for the prank in the time leading up to school by memorizing where their spot is.

Through it all, it is a very thrilling time for the juniors being able to drive to Leesville on their own for the first time. “I was really excited the first day I was driving to school because it’s always something I’ve always had someone else do for me,” said Boyce.


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