Freshmen elect Freshman Class Council officers

Student council officer candidates at Leesville most always hang at least one campaign poster at the top of the main staircase. Of all the Leesville staircases, the main staircase has the most traffic, making it the most effective place for candidates to place their campaign posters. (Photo courtesy of Sydney Tucker)

Freshmen at Leesville voted on September 11 and 12 for the Freshman Class Council officers.  On the morning of September 11, the freshmen received the ballots and the videos of the candidates’ speeches via their student emails.  

Thus, students were able to vote anytime, anywhere, until 8 p.m. on September 12.

In the Freshman Class Council, there are a President, two Vice Presidents, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a Sergeant at Arms, and a Class Representative to the Executive Council.  After students interested in running for one of the officer positions chose a position for which to run and filed their intent-to-run forms, the next step was campaigning, which began on September 5.

Collin Sharp, a freshman at Leesville and the new Freshman Class President, creatively utilized social media in his campaign.

“[I] posted a lot of information [using social media] about why [I was] running and for people to vote for me,” said Sharp.

Nolan Farabaugh, new Freshman Class Council Treasurer, employed a more common but nonetheless effective campaigning technique: posters.

“I campaigned for the election by putting up posters, and I put one in the main staircase of the Murphy building and the main staircase in this building. Then I put one on, like, the side staircase,” said Farabaugh

Now that they have been elected, Sharp and Farabaugh are thinking ahead about how to make the most of their positions.  Sharp has a clear vision for what he wants to accomplish during his tenure as Freshman Class President.

“I [want] to make a difference in the school [as Freshman Class President],” said Sharp.  “I hope to make the school better by cleanups around the school.”

According to the Guidelines and Duties for Executive Council and Class Council Offices, the duties of the President are to “[call] and [preside] at meetings, [organize] the agendas, [act] as a spokesperson for the student body/class, [meet] with faculty/administration when necessary,” and “[perform] any duties deemed necessary by the advisors.”  Sharp believes he is more than qualified to be the Freshman Class President this year.

“I work really hard, and I think that I’m a leader,” said Sharp.  “I try to do the right thing without other people knowing or without other people telling me to do, and I know that I’ve had teachers and even some of my friends notice and tell me about it.”

Farabaugh brings valuable leadership experience from middle school to this year’s Freshman Class Council.

“I was in Beta Club in middle school, and I have been on many teams,” said Farabaugh.

Here are the full results of the Freshman Class Council election:

President: Collin Sharp

Vice Presidents: Kareem El-Houshy and Jessica Lee

Secretary: Connor Scott

Treasurer: Nolan Farabaugh

No Sergeant-at-Arms

Class Representative to the Executive Council: Reagan Weaver



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