Shots Fired TV Review

The television show, Shots Fired, was released this year, March 22. It’s an explosive, yet chilling series, that is full of mind boggling events.

Shots Fired is only ten episodes in, and I’m hooked! The show is a 10-hour event series, each episode depicts one of the 10 hour — each analyzes the treacherous aftermath of two racially charged shootings in a small southern town, fueling an explosive autopsy of our criminal justice system.

A small town in North Carolina is turned upside down when Joshua Beck (Mack Wilds), an African-American sheriff’s deputy, kills an unarmed white college student. Before the town is given the opportunity to cope with the tragic loss, another tragedy occurs. The neglected murder of an African-American teen. These two cases soon threaten to tear the community apart.

Shots Fired soon centers itself around two main characters, Ashe Akino (Sanaa Lathan) and Preston Terry (Stephan James). Ashe Akino is a seasoned, overly-experienced investigator leading the Justice Department’s inquiry into the two shootings. While Preston Terry, is a young special prosecutor. Both of whom being african-american and from Washington headquarters. As they work together, the two unravel the mysteries surrounding both murder cases, later suspecting a possible cover-up that may involve some of the state’s most powerful people. The fact that the police department is caught in the middle doesn’t help the already high-stress situation.

Based off of what I’ve seen so far, all I can say is that I’m absolutely in love with the show. I have nothing bad to say about Shots Fired because there is nothing bad about it. The plot is laid out for the audience in a gradual and amazing fashion that just sucks you in. The acting is perfect, and the situations in the series are very realistic. The Fox Network series airs on Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m., so don’t miss it.


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