Girlboss Review

Britt Robertson stars as Sophia Amoruso in Netflix’s new show Girlboss. The show follows Amoruso’s trials and tribulations living in San Francisco while trying to start a fashion company. (Photo Courtesy of The Independent)

Netflix’s new show Girlboss, an adaptation of the bestselling book #Girlboss, hit America’s screens on April 21. The show is a fictional retelling of Sophia Amoruso’s rise to the top of her “Nasty Gal” fashion empire.

Girlboss does not hesitate to use its creative license when telling Amoruso’s story. The real Amoruso created “Nasty Gal” as an eBay page where she would redesign and sell vintage clothes that she had previously purchased. The eBay business ballooned into a popular fashion company with its own stand alone website :

For the most part, the show maintains an accurate plotline in terms of how “Nasty Gal” started, but variations come in with Sophia’s personality and personal life. In Girlboss, Sophia is introduced as a relatively offputting, lazy, overconfident 22 year old living in San Francisco. She’s rude to her boss and father, steals from various stores, and ruins (then rebuilds) several friendships.

Yet, despite Sophia’s character being so harsh, there’s something about her, and the other characters, that is wholeheartedly endearing.

Sophia and her team of friends are hard working, mostly kind, funny people that the audience can’t help but like. The dialogue is entertaining, and the plot gives the watcher a fun underdog story to root for. Aside from some inaccuracies in Amoruso’s personal life, the show also gives the watcher a fairly true story to enjoy.

So, if you’re looking for something new to watch on Netflix, or just want an entertaining show, give Girlboss a try.


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